Small and medium size enterprise today needs cost effective  IT  solutions  as business enablers  in part or in full in their business process. Innovation technologies as IT service provider  can deliver IT product  for specific business in no time with scalability in future at very low cost  enabling the organization  to roll out fast and scale up as needed  giving them efficiency and flexibility at the same time . By doing so the organization will save on entry cost  and increase in return on investment. Being IT service provider and the product developer at the same time will  get better domain advice , save time and money  in the process of scaling up  and quick and efficient  switch over of technology .
Drugs/Pharmacy wholesale management software 
Stockist/Wholesale management software
Super market management
Television Advertisement Agency management software 
Photo Gate pass management software
Online Multilevel marketing management system
Transporting agency /Cargo management software
School/ College / private educational institute’s
  Library management software
  Network based online exam system
  Admission / Fees collection system
  Photo id printing 
  Fees collection with accounting
Hotel with lodging and fooding / restaurant 
  Hotel & restaurant mangement software 
Hospital Management Software
  Patient registration for indoor / out door 
  Doctor’s appointment mangement both web based / offline 
  store management 
  Pharmacy mangement

• C&F management

• Stockiest business management

• Accounts management for SME’s

• Hospital Management

• Education institute management

• Logistics management

• Library management


• Logistics

• Retail

• Education

• Medical Service

• Financial Service







• Web technologies

• Microsoft

• Open source

• BI & DW

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